Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Two Minds -- One Blog

How many writers does it take to write a great blog?

Depends on the writers… grin…Unlike the light bulb joke, where it is deemed that only one writer is needed to change the damn light bulb, i.e. write a great blog, it often depends on not only the writers, but on who the readers are going to be, and of course, what the blog is going to be about.

Sue: Both Becky and I have, over the years, written our share of individual blogs, but it was only recently, when we started teaching and writing “teaching” books together that we began writing blogs together.

Becky: Right. The beauty of having two writers is that they keep each other in check. Sue is great at coming up with ideas and often gets to her writing much faster than I do, but she has no grasp--sorry, Sue--of computer stuff, like putting up blogs, getting a web site organized, etc.   While I know just how to work the technical aspects of getting our blogs up and running, sometimes I get sidetracked and don’t always write get things written that fast.

Sue: That’s so true. I would be completely lost with Becky’s help getting our words up so others can read them.

The bottom line is… two sets of creative minds will work well together if:

   they totally agree with each other’s ideas

   they totally disagree with each other’s ideas

   or… they sort of agree and disagree on certain aspects of the subject being discussed, BUT, they respect each other’s views.      

Becky: Absolutely correct. There has to be a strong foundation of mutual understanding between the writing partners. Because there really aren’t any two strong creative minds that will TOTALLY agree on all aspects of living and writing.

The best one can hope for is “like minds”… that is minds that at least somewhat think alike… and the individual “weak” points are off-set, edited and corrected by the other’s “strong” points.

Sue:  Two sets of gray cells that actually work well together can create magic!

We’re continuing to work on new writing books and we’ll have a print version of our Dottie book on characters ready to go soon, as well as a new Dottie book on characters.  We’ll announce that as the date of publication nears.

Becky:  For now if you have any questions on creating characters, plotting or writing with a partner, please ask.  And if you have any blog subjects you would like us to tackle as partners, please ask.  We’ll put our brains together and come up with an answer.